Floor Tech Part Time HUDSON Evenings $18hr

Hudson, NY


Under general supervision, the Floor Technician’s primary purpose is to provide floor project services to our customer base. Position supports and meet the needs of the operation and includes all floor care and maintenance work as needed. Additional duties which may include general building and grounds maintenance or other areas within the janitorial field in addition to detail cleaning and special projects


  • Follows and completes daily, weekly and monthly duty lists that includes all types of floor project cleaning including but not limited to vacuuming, mopping, scrubbing, stripping, sealing, finishing, buffing, burnishing, carpet cleaning and extraction
  • Follows schedule set by management each day and works within the parameters of the schedule, leading team to complete work orders, providing support to staff as needed
  • Comes to work prepared and in required uniform; Clocks in on a timely basis every day; Assists team with timekeeping when issues arise
  • Maintains supplies and equipment in vehicles and closets, ensuring stock is in place and all items are put back neatly and safely
  • Wears personal protection equipment as required by site specific requirements; Responsible for the care and upkeep of personal protection equipment assigned
  • Maintains a safe working environment through prevention of accidents, the preservation and daily care of equipment and safe work practices
  • Participates and takes the lead reviewing the “Technique of the week” training sessions with staff to ensure LCS standards and procedures are upheld
  • Communicates daily with Manager to ensure proper understanding of work to be completed, asking questions when unsure or in need of further instruction
  • Participates in emergency and safety drills as instructed
  • Follows chain of command at all times to ensure the quick resolution of issues; Communicates often using chain of command creating transparency within the team
  • Attends and participates in all in-service training provided by management and human resources 
  •  Attends and participates in all meetings required by management
  • Report any presence of animals, vermin or insects at the work site; Report any presence of water leaks and other maintenance needs at the work site; Report any presence of all other health and safety hazards noticed to Manager.


  • Excellent customer service skills; Ability to provide customer service when interacting with the public and our customer throughout the work day
  • Expert knowledge and technique of floor care and maintenance including all types of flooring and finishes
  • High School Diploma or General Equivalent Degree (GED)
  • Ability to handle stressful situations and work within deadlines


  • Ability to lift fifty (50) pounds regularly. The position involves walking, standing for long periods of time and includes stooping, squatting, lifting, carrying, pushing, pulling, bending and climbing stairs.
  • Noise levels may increase when operating equipment, ear plugs are required.


  • The employee is responsible for wearing Black OR Khaki Pants (Depending on the job site) and non-slip black work shoes. Sneakers or any show which looks like a sneaker are not acceptable.
  • Uniform Shirts are provided by LCS Facility Group
  • Dangling jewelry is prohibited at the work site and includes all necklaces, bracelets and earrings.
  • Tattoos must be covered under uniform; Tattoo sleeves should be covered with a long-sleeved shirt and / or a tattoo sleeve.
  • Piercings must be taken out during work hours, including all face and mouth piercings. 
  •  Hair should be kept tied up, clipped or pulled back during work hours.